The 16th World Scout Moot will take place in Ireland from 19th - 29th  July 2021. The entry point to the Moot will be Dublin City. International Patrols will then explore the many wonders of Ireland on a collection of exciting and interesting trails in local countryside. The Patrols will then return to Dublin for the base camp feature of the Moot before returning home.


Invitations and communications to International Commissioners have already begun.


Participation is via a National contingent and all bookings are done through the NSO and appointed contingent leader.

The cost of the Moot will be confirmed shortly by the World Scout Committee but will be in line with the last Moot in Iceland and the World Scout Jamboree in USA.


Ireland is easily accessible via direct flights to Ireland or via major European hub airports.


The Moot planning team will also include a pre-moot and post-moot support team for those participants who wish to spend a longer period in Ireland. Pre and post Moot programme will be an additional cost to the Moot fee.


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Ireland - it has to be the best place in the world!

Ireland is an island off the western coast of Europe. It is a wild and wonderful place with friendly people, ancient and lively culture, a place to lose and find yourself. The landscape is a mixture of mystical rural landscapes and wild and rugged western coastlands. Major international cities exist around the island – Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford.


The Irish people are its treasure – always friendly and welcoming, talkers and storytellers. Culture and heritage are all around – castles and ancient



historical sites are ever present in the landscape. Irish people are full of wit and good humour, they love the ‘craic’ (an Irish word for having and making fun).


Traveling around Ireland is easy with extensive roadways, rail and bus links. The countryside can be explored via laid out trails and walk/cycle routes or just be exploring as you go. Some of the most incredible scenery you could ever imagine is only 20 minutes away from all its major cities.

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Programme The programme of the Moot will be via participation in International Patrols of ten Scouts. It will be comprised of two key parts – Trails and Basecamp activities. International Patrols will be formed some months before the event (after bookings received) and they will have time to get to know each other via social media. When they arrive at the Moot they will meet up and be together for the Moot. The programme will begin with an opening/ gathering in Dublin and from there Patrols will spend six days on trails around the Irish countryside – exploring the people, culture, adventure and scenery. Patrols will then return to Basecamp in Dublin for four days of activity and programme. There is also a possibility for a pre-moot and post moot programme. This will be planned by your National Contingent and the World Scout Moot team will help you with your plans. These pre and post moot programmes are NOT covered by the Moot fee and are an extra cost. Full details of all programme items will be revealed on the website as details become available - our video gallery will show you the many interesting places that can be explored in Ireland. If a National Contingent would like to contribute to the programme by providing a programme item or activity at the base camp we would be delighted to hear from you.
International Service Staff - IST

We will require 750 IST for the Moot. In the short term we will be seeking volunteers with relevant experience and expertise to work on the main planning team from January 2019. A call for volunteers in this area will be issued shortly.


The larger number of IST will be required during the event and volunteers can apply via their National Contingent Leaders when bookings are open.


We expect that around a 33% of the IST team will be Irish and 66% from the different countries attending the Moot. Following WOSM´s guidelines for World Scout Moots no participating country can have more than 100 IST members and contingents cannot have more IST members than participants.


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