All National Scout Organisations are requested to complete an Expression of Interest Form.


This form is used to collect data about your contingent. If provides us with contact information (Head of Contingent) and your targets for participation in the World Scout Moot event.


Once we receive this Expression of Interest Form we will then be in a position to contact you directly and provide direct support, via our Contingent Support Team, to your Contingent in their planning for attendance at the event.


It is also important for us to have this information, as soon as possible, as it allows us to plan for expected numbers attending.


The Expression of Interest Form is a indicator that your NSO would like to attend the event. We are aware that target numbers are just a best guess at this stage and will develop as you seek participants in your country. Our Contingent Support Team will help in whatever way they can to maximize the number of participants from your NSO.


Completing the form - this can be done here. Enter your information in required field and press submit button.


You can also download the form in PDF format for completing locally if you wish that PDF form can be downloaded here.


Completing the form

The form is provided in PDF format. The form have active information fields and can be filled in directly. When it is completed, it can be saved and sent to the as an email attachment.


The form can also be sent via the submit button as a data transfer. If you choose to use this method you need to have your computer active with access to Wifi and your email provider.


When the form is completed and you click the submit button your email will be activated and pops up on your screen.


Your email service window will show a new email with the moot email address filled in and a data file will be attached to this email. You then click send button on email to send this email to us. If this does not happen then save the PDF on your machine and forward via an attachment to


We look forward to seeing your Contingent at the World Scout Moot event in 2021 in Ireland.




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