Good Standing /Recommendation Letter

Any Scouts who wishes to be involved in the planning of the World Scout Moot and other international events must be a current member of WOSM via membership of their National Scout Organisation (NSO).


To verify that a Scout is a current member and a member in good standing all applicants must have a Good standing/recommendation letter attached to their application.

This letter must be signed by NSO officers and be on formal headed paper.


We have a template letter that can be downloaded here. This template should be presented to your National Scout Head Office for them to complete.


All applicants will also be expected to complete Safe from Harm training and be willing to undertake additional training provided by the World Scout Moot team as required.


All correspondence with regards to applications will be treated in strict confidence. Failure to provide a Good Standing/Recommendation Letter will mean that your application will be refused.


Important Note

Only current members of WOSM are allowed to apply and be involved in the World Scout Moot and WOSM international events. We are aware of people who are or have been Scouts but who are not fully paid up members of their NSO. All applicants MUST be current members and have completed all training requirements of their NSO and WOSM with regard to Safe from Harm. All applicants who do not comply with this requirement will be refused consideration. If refused a note of your application will also be sent to your NSO for information and local consideration.




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