Ireland welcomes the world to the 16th World Scout Moot in 2021 for what we hope will be the biggest Moot yet! 

The World Scout Moot is an international event for Scouts aged 18-25 by July 2021. The Moot is one of the official events of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and may be attended by members of any National Scouting Organisation affiliated with WOSM or a WAGGGS affiliated organisation. 

The entry point to the Moot will be Dublin City. International Patrols will then explore the many wonders of Ireland on a collection of exciting and interesting trails across the island. The Patrols will then return to Dublin for the Base Camp feature of the Moot before returning home. 

Each country attending the Moot organises and sends a national contingent, comprised of all registered participants and IST members from that country. This means that individuals or small groups of Scouts cannot register directly with the Moot organizing team, but must instead register via their National Scouting Organisation. All bookings are done through your NSO and appointed Head of Contingent. 

Only one contingent per country is permitted. Each National Scouting Organisation is responsible for all members of it’s contingent. Girl Guides and Girl Scouts who are members of an association belonging to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) may attend the Moot with the consent of the National Scouting Organisation of their respective country. 

Invitations and communications to International Commissioners have already been sent and we look forward to seeing you in Ireland.  

Dates of the 16th World Scout Moot 

Monday 19th July – Thursday 29th July 2021 

The Moot’s entry point (a Dublin City Centre location) and departure point (Malahide Castle) are both in Dublin. Malahide Castle is close to Dublin Airport, and approximately 15 km from Dublin city centre, where Dublin Port is located, from which there are numerous daily ferries to the UK.  

We expect approximately 6000 people to attend the 16th World Scout Moot 2021. This will be made up of 5,000 participants and an International Service Team complement of 750 – 1000. Based on this figure, the maximum size of any one contingent can be 600 people including participants, International Service Team and Contingent Management Team.


Age Range criteria 

In accordance with the guidelines for the World Scout Moot, the following dates determine the age range criteria.  


On the first day of the Moot (19th July 2021), participants must be at least 18 years old, and must be under 26 years of age. Therefore they must have been born between 18th July 1995 and 19th July 2003.  

International service team – IST 

IST must be at least 26 years of age on 19th July 2021, e.g. their date of birth must be 19th July 1995 or earlier. IST will be expected to arrive a few days beforehand and remain for a few days after the event.  

Pre and Post Moot  

Pre and Post Moot opportunities will be available so contingents can arrive early or stay a bit longer after the event to experience more of Ireland and make use of flight connections and cheaper flight opportunities. These additional opportunities are not included in Moot fee, but the Moot Contingent Support team can help contingents with arrangements who wish to avail of a longer stay. 

Cost of the Moot 

The overall cost of attending the Moot is decided by each NSO and includes the Moot Fee as well as travel costs. 

The Moot fee has been approved by the World Organization of the Scouting Movement. It is available on the Contingent Support section of this website.  For more information about WOSM fee categories, National Scout Organizations may refer to WOSM Circular 32/2018 or visit

Please note, the Moot Fee is dependent on your NSO’s WOSM Fee Category, which is outside of the control of the Moot Planning Team. Additionally, the Entry Fee is not necessarily the cost a participant will pay. Participants and IST should consult with their NSO to understand the cost to participate and what is included. 

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Ireland, a jewel of an Island 

Ireland is an island off the western coast of Europe. It is a wild and wonderful place with friendly people, ancient and lively culture, a place to lose and find yourself. The landscape is a mixture of mystical rural landscapes and wild and rugged western coastlands. Major international cities are dotted around the island, including Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway, Limerick, and Waterford. 

The Irish people are its treasure – always friendly and welcoming, talkers and storytellers. Culture and heritage are all around – castles and ancient historical sites are ever present in the landscape. Irish people are full of wit and good humour, they love the ‘craic’ (an Irish word for having and making fun). 

Traveling around Ireland is easy with extensive roads, rail and bus links. The countryside can be explored via laid out trails and walk/cycle routes or just be exploring as you go. Some of the most incredible scenery you could ever imagine is only 20 minutes away from all its major cities. 

Ireland is easily accessible with direct flights from over 200 airports. It is connected to all major European hubs. The island of Ireland is split into two parts, Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK, and The Republic of Ireland in the South. Neither Northern Ireland nor the Republic are part of the Schengen area so separate visas will need to be applied for. We advise all contingents, who need them, to apply for both UK and Irish visas. Ireland is part of the EU and uses the Euro, Sterling is used in Northern Ireland. 

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Theme: Le Chéile

The theme for this Moot is Le Chéile (leh kay-la) which translates to ‘together’. There is an old saying in the Irish language; “ neart go cur le chéile” which means “There is no strength without unity”. The Moot will bring together thousands of Scouts from across the world, to share cultures, learn from each other and gain new skills. Our programme is based on collaboration; allowing us to be inclusive, educational and adventurous. As Scouts, each of us can, and must, make a positive difference in the world; Le Chéile our impact will be greater. We aim to inspire the World’s Scouts to act together to improve our world and their own local communities. So, get ready for the 16th World Scout Moot 2021 in Ireland when we show the world what we can do Le Chéile!

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