Expression of Interest 

All National Scout Organisations who are considering attending the Moot are requested to complete an Expression of Interest Form. This form should be filled in by the Head of Contingent or the International Commissioner of the organisation 

The Expression of Interest form is used to register a country’s interest in attending the Moot as a Contingent. The information is used by the Moot Team to collect vital data about your Contingent. This data provides us with contact information (Head of Contingent) and your targets for participation in the World Scout Moot event. 

Once we receive your Expression of Interest Form, we will then be in a position to contact you directly and provide direct support, via our Contingent Support Team, to your Contingent in their planning for attendance at the event.  

It is also important for us to have this information, as soon as possible, as it allows us to plan for expected numbers attending. 

Please note: The Expression of Interest Form is an indicator that your NSO would like to attend the event. We are aware that target numbers are just a best guess at this stage and will develop as you seek participants in your country. Our Contingent Support Team will engage with you and help in whatever way they can, to maximize the number of participants from your NSO.  

Completing the form

The Expression of Interest can be found here. It will take no more than two minutes for an NSO to complete, and it will greatly help the World Scout Moot team to plan the Moot. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact 

We look forward to seeing your Contingent at the World Scout Moot in 2021 in Ireland!

Contingent Management Team (CMT) 

Each NSO is required to appoint a Contingent Management Team (CMT) including a Head of Contingent. The CMT is responsible for its respective Contingent including participants and IST.  

Participants will be divided into small International Patrols during the Moot and will participate in programme at different locations around the country for the first half of the event– Trail Programme. For the second part of the Moot, all participants (and IST) will be located at the Basecamp in Malahide Castle. 

While the CMT are key to planning and establishing the contingent, they may find that they have a limited function in relation to their contingent during the Moot itself. This is due to the participants being split between international patrols and taking part in Trails in different places around Ireland. NSOs are therefore encouraged to appoint CMTs in the same age range as the participants, allowing them to join the participant Patrols and take part in the programme over the course of the Moot. Alternatively, CMTs 26 years of age or older are encouraged to assume IST functions during the Moot. CMT who are over 26 or who are not participating as participants will be accommodated at the IST campsite at the Basecamp location in Malahide Castle, Dublin.  

There will be a possibility to visit some of the Trail locations as a day tour, but this will incur an extra cost for those who wish to avail of this opportunity. CMTs may also hire cars, from service providers, if they wish to do some touring while International Patrols are taking part in the Trail programme. CMTs at the basecamp location are free to explore Dublin City during the Trail programme via local transport systems. 

In view of the age range of the participants and the limited function of CMTs during the Moot, the following restrictions apply to the number of CMT: 

Number of Participants Number of CMT
1-99 Up to 3
100-199 Up to 5
200-299 Up to 7
300-399 Up to 9
400 or more Up to 10

Fee Structure

The cost of the Moot is per Country group rate (A,B,C,D) as designated by WOSM (see fee panel).  

The Moot Entry fee covers the cost of the Moot event from the opening ceremony on the 19th July in Dublin City to the closing ceremony at the Basecamp location (Dublin) on the 29th July 2021.  

This includes all travel, food, accommodation and all programme elements. It will also cover insurance during the event and medical care (as provided by state medical services).  

The fee does not cover arrival and departure travel, pre and post moot programme or additional time spent in Ireland.   

The Moot Contingent Support Team will help in arranging and making suggestions for all additional items you wish to do as an addition to the Moot event. Head of Contingent meetings and exchanges will be the ideal place to make such arrangements.   

Full conditions and fee payment schedule and methods can be found in Bulletin 3.

International Patrols and Tribes will be supplied with patrol equipment which includes dining shelters, tables, cooking equipment, basic first aid equipment. A full list will be provided in a future bulletin   

Participants will be expected to have their own camping equipment, personal eating kit, utensils and tentage (lightweight 2 person tent). Participants must be able to carry their tent with their personal equipment as they travel on the Trail programme.  


Group Participant IST
Full Fee Early Booking
D €980 €900 €800
C €735 €675 €600
B €490 €450 €400
A €245 €225 €200


For more information on Moot booking, see the terms and conditions on the

Resources Page.For more information about WOSM fee categories, National Scout Organizations may refer to WOSM Circular 32/2018 or visit

How to Build a Contingent

1. Agree, as a National Scout Organisation (NSO), to send a Contingent.

Participation in the World Scout Moot will require considerable commitment at national level, in areas such as participant recruitment, fundraising and logistical planning. The first and most vital step in preparing for the World Scout Moot, therefore, is to decide, as a National Scout Organisation to send a National Contingent. 

The World Scout Moot can only accept registrations from NSOs. Individuals or small groups of Scouts cannot register directly with the Moot but must instead register via their NSO. Countries that have several National Scout Associations will need to coordinate their registration, register as one Contingent, and appoint one Head of Contingent.  

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts who are members of an association belonging to WAGGGS may attend the Moot with the consent of the NSO of their respective country. Only one contingent from each WAGGGS affiliated organization is permitted.  

Each contingent consists of participants, International Service Team (IST) and Contingent Management Team (CMT). The maximum number per contingent is 600.  

Note: CMT and IST together cannot exceed the number of participants in the contingent. The number of CMT members will be limited, based on the number of people in each contingent. Please refer to the table above. 

The World Scout Moot in now receiving Expression of Interest Forms from NSOs. If you are considering sending a contingent to the World Scout Moot, please follow the necessary steps (see points 2 to 6). 

2. Complete and submit the Expression of Interest Form 

The next step is to complete and send in the Expression of Interest form, found here. This form tells the Moot planning team that your NSO is planning to attend the World Scout Moot, gives information on your Head of Contingent and provides a preliminary estimate of the size of your contingent; both participants and International Service Team (IST). This will help with the planning of the World Scout Moot. 

3. Build a Contingent Management Team (CMT) 

Organising and running a successful Moot Contingent is a considerable undertaking. It is therefore recommended that each Contingent recruit a Contingent Management Team (CMT). The CMT is a group of leaders with knowledge and experience in organisation, financial management, international travel, care of young people, and international Scouting. The CMT will also provide an ideal environment in which next generation’s leaders can develop their skills. 

The CMT will have a limited role during the World Scout Moot event. It is therefore encouraged that the CMT be of a participants age and join the participants programme, or alternatively join the IST or assume the responsibility of Tribe advisors, in order to support the organisation of the World Scout Moot and the running of Patrols for its duration.  

4. Construct a budget and determine the World Scout Moot fee for your Contingent 

The next step is to construct the budget for the Contingent. In addition to the fee charged by the World Scout Moot, it will be necessary to pay for other items, such as travel, insurance, preparatory meetings, equipment and pre- or post-Moot excursions. Once all the expenses have been budgeted for, you can decide the final cost to participants and IST.  

For Contingents from less economically privileged countries, financial support may be available through the solidarity fund. The distribution support from the solidarity fund will be done by the World Scout Moot Organisers in co-operation with the regional directors of WOSM. 

5. Start promoting the Moot nationally 

As soon as possible, start promoting the World Scout Moot nationally, in order to generate interest from Rovers, Ventures, Explorers, Scouts, Guides, and Leaders. We are hoping to make this the biggest Moot yet, so it is important for contingents to reach as many interested people as possible.  

6. Attend the Head of Contingent Meeting 

The next Head of Contingent meeting is scheduled for early 2021. Feedback and information from the 2019 meeting is available in bulletin 3.  More information will be available in subsequent bulletins and the HOC Information Page.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions by emailing

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