Participate in an adventure of a lifetime with fellow Rovers and Scouts from every corner of the World


The programme will begin with an opening gathering in Dublin city Centre. From there, International patrols will spend six days on trails around the Irish countryside. Patrols will then return to basecamp in Dublin for four days of activity and programme.  

Trail Programme

The Moot programme will present more than 30 Trail opportunities throughout Ireland. Tribes will explore Ireland for a number of days – interacting with communities, undertaking service projects, enjoying nature and having adventures.  

Each Trail has been carefully designed to provide opportunities for community interaction, cultural exploration, adventure activities and exposure to nature. We will provide aspects of these in every trail, but the emphasis on each aspect will be different for each trail to cater for all abilities and interests. We will endeavor to offer participants a similar experience no matter which trail they participate in. 

The Moot programme will use these Trails to allow participants to interact with local communities and nature. A key element of the Trail programme will be local service projects in communities, working with local people and Scouts to Create a Better World. 

The scenery and natural aspects of Ireland differ from place to place and a participant can experience dramatic wild landscapes and seascapes as well as rural rolling hills, castles and local heritage sites. There are many opportunities for a unique Irish experience.  

Further details on the Trails and the selection process will be published closer to the time.  


If the days on the Trails aren’t enough, once your time on those come to an end, participants will have to get ready for the celebration that Basecamp will be. All participants, IST and CMT will come together on our unique site in Malahide, Dublin for the final few days of the Moot. Basecamp will be a time to reunite with the rest of your contingent, share experiences of Trails, introduce new friends to old ones and participate in all the Basecamp Programme has to offer.  

The Basecamp will take place in the gardens of Malahide Castle in Dublin County, where, not only will you be able to mingle at the campsite, but this unique location will allow you to see more of our beautiful country. The campsite is only 15 minutes walk from Malahide town, which is looking out over the Irish Sea, and has numerous transport links to Dublin City centre (only 20 mins drive away). 

Basecamp will have a Global Development Village where various workshops will be hosted and debated, a contingent village where you can learn about the different countries and cultures coming together at the Moot, a scout shop for all you apparel needs, a big central area for ceremonies and social events and various food houses where you can try local cuisine from around the world.  

We hope to equip participants with the inspiration, the contacts and the skills to bring all they learn and accomplish at the Moot home, and to create the same change and impact in their own grouos and communities – all over the world.  

Patrol System

International Patrols will be formed some months before the event (after all bookings are received) and they will have time to get to know each other via social media. When they arrive at the Moot, they will gather together, Le Chéile, for the Moot.


All participants will be divided into International Patrols, consisting of 10 people each.

Members of a Patrol participate as a unit in programme activities during the Moot. The Patrols will be formed during the spring of prior to the Moot. Patrol members will be encouraged to get acquainted prior to the Moot.

Food ordering, preparation and accommodating food preferences, and diet consideration will be the responsibility of the Patrol and Tribe.

Each Patrol and Tribe will, as a rule, include participants of both genders – i.e. males and females. However, the option for gender segregated (single gender) patrols will be provided as demand requires. A gender segregated (single gender) patrol will be provided its own camping area. However, there is no guarantee that adjacent patrols/tribes will not include members of the opposite or both genders. 


A Tribe is 4 international patrols travelling together (40 People) during the trails section. We envisage that each trail will have 4 tribes on it (160 participants), two travelling one way and two travelling the opposite direction. 

The Tribe will live together during the Moot – both on the Trail programme and Basecamp programmes – forming friendships as well as sharing the responsibilities involved in camping, food preparation, and other tasks of daily living. 

Two advisors, who will be IST, will support and camp with each Tribe. The role of the advisors is to support the participants in establishing and maintaining the Patrol and Tribe system and to promote the participants’ personal development. The advisors function is supportive only; each Patrol and Tribe is responsible for its own functioning and each will elect its own patrol leader.